Hello BASC Students!

We are Academic Advisors who work in the Engineering Academic Services office. We are here to help make your university experience better! Advisors have years of experience demystifying important topics like what kinds of academic concessions are available to you, what effect a “W” really has if you have one on your transcript and more! We also aim to offer insight into various topics that will help you excel in your academics such as how to set achievable goals, how to deal with failure, how to overcome procrastination, and what kind of resources are available to help you maintain good health while pursuing academic excellence.

These articles are based on fact and university policy, but also written from an advisor’s point of view and knowledge base accumulated by working with thousands of different students. We encourage any student who would like a specific question answered to contact us directly. We are ready to help you!

Celebrate, Recharge and Reflect
A year for the history books

2nd Year Placement
What should I write on my personal statement and other FAQs


Why we do it and what we can do to stop?


What is a W Anyway?
How to decide if taking a W is right for you


Success After Failure
Moving forward to achieve greater accomplishments


Dealing with Failure
The Truth is: it Happens to Everyone


Academic Misconduct
The Practical and Philosophical Rationales for Not Cheating