Rights & Responsibilities

UBC Engineering values professionalism and integrity. You are expected to be familiar with and follow these guidelines during your time as a UBC student.

In short, academic integrity is honest and responsible scholarship.

Learn more on the UBC Learning Commons Website: Academic Integrity

From the Academic Calendar:

Academic honesty is essential to the continued functioning of the University of British Columbia as an institution of higher learning and research. All UBC students are expected to behave as honest and responsible members of an academic community. Breach of those expectations or failure to follow the appropriate policies, principles, rules, and guidelines of the University with respect to academic honesty may result in disciplinary action.

Learn more in the UBC Academic Calendar: Academic Honesty and Standards

The Advocacy and Ombuds offices are available to help you resolve disputes during your time at UBC.

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The Faculty of Applied Science follows the academic misconduct guidelines set out in the UBC Academic Calendar.


  • When a potential case is identified, the instructor will meet with the student(s) involved to discuss the concerns
  • The instructor will also notify the department head and the Dean’s Office of the concerns and the students involved
  • A Faculty Designate for Academic Discipline within the Dean’s Office will investigate the case. As a result, the Dean’s Office may arrange a meeting with the student(s) and the Faculty Designate. A case will continue regardless of if a student makes themself available for consultation
  • A written decision on the case will be sent to the student from the Dean’s Office. The decision to forward a case to the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline will be determined by the Dean’s Office
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the academic misconduct policies and procedures for engineering students at UBC, please contact academic.misconduct@apsc.ubc.ca

The Faculty of Applied Science follows the non-academic misconduct guidelines set out in the UBC Academic Calendar.


  • All incidents of suspected non-academic misconduct will be reported to Campus Security, who will then bring the matter to the attention of the Student Conduct Manager
  • The Student Conduct Manager will consider the allegations and determine the means of investigation
  • If the Student Conduct Manager believes that non-academic misconduct has occurred, the Student Conduct Manager will propose a resolution
  • If the student does not agree or comply with the resolution, the matter will be referred to the Non-academic Misconduct Committee
  • A record of the allegations and any decisions made as a result of the allegations will be retained in the student’s file