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Form TitleForm FormatForm AvailablityForm TypeFor More Information
2nd Year Program Preference FormOnline FillableMarch 15-May 22 at 11:59pm PDTApplication2nd Year Placement
Academic Concession (In-Term Work) Online FillableOngoingAcademic ConcessionAcademic Concession
Academic Concession (Final Exam)Online FillableVaries TimesAcademic ConcessionAcademic Concession
APSC 100/101 Equivalency FormOnline FillableOngoing Advising RequestAPSC 100/101 Equivalencies Database
Change of Registration FormPDFOngoingRegistration RequestRegistration Requests
Course Conflict Registration FormPDFOngoingRegistration RequestRegistration Requests
Cross Campus Registration RequestPDFOngoingRegistration RequestRegistration Requests
Credit Limit IncreaseOnline FillableOngoingAdvising RequestRegistration Requests
Enrolment of Undergraduate Students in Graduate Course RequestPDFOngoingRegistration RequestRegistration Requests
Interdepartmental TransferOnline FillableMarch 15- May 15 at 11:59pm PDTApplicationInterdepartmental Transfers
Late Withdraw RequestOnline FillableVaries TimesAcademic ConcessionAcademic Concession
Letter of Permission (LoP)Online FillableVaries TimesLetter RequestLetters
Letter Request (LoC or LoE)Online FillableOngoingLetter RequestLetters
Minors and Dual Degree ApplicationsOnline FillableMarch 1- May 15 at 11:59pm PDTApplicationMinors and Dual Degree
Minor or Dual Degree Update or Removal Online FillableOngoingApplicationMinors and Dual Degree
Permission to Continue Following a Failed YearOnline FillableMay 31, 2021 - June 15, 2021 at 11:59pm PDTApplicationAcademic Standing
Reconsideration of 2nd Year PlacementOnline FillableTo open mid-July 2021 Application2nd Year Placement
Transfer Credits Assessment RequestOnline FillableOngoingAdvising RequestTransfer Credits