Proof of Enrolment, Program Completion, Other

Proof of Enrolment and Program Completion letters are standard letters proving your enrolment in a given session or confirming the completion of your program requirements. These letters can be accessed through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

  1. Log on to the SSC
  2. Select “Grades & Records”
  3. Select “Proof of Enrolment Letters”

If you require a letter more specific to your situation you can make a request using the Request for Letter Form. Proof of Enrolment or Program Completion are intended to support submissions to Canadian Immigration.

Letter of Permission (LoP)

If you are currently registered at UBC you require prior written approval — a Letter of Permission (LoP) — in order to take courses for credit towards your UBC degree from another institution.  LoP requests are only accepted during specified times of the year, we encourage you to plan accordingly.

Request to take a course during:Form Available:
Summer Session
(May - August)
March 1 - May 31
Winter Session
(Sept - April)
July 1 - August 31

LoPs are only issued to students in good standing who are wanting to take courses at an accredited Canadian institution. LoPs are not required for students participating in exchange programs such as Go Global or Coordinated International Experience (CIE). LoPs are also not required if you would like to register in a course at the UBC Okanagan campus (you will however need to complete a Cross Campus Registration Request Form).  Consideration for an LoP is determined on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Faculty.

Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide to ensure the transferability of the courses prior to submitting a request

Requests for an LoP will be considered in the following instances:

  • If a course is not offered at UBC and it is needed as a prerequisite to another course. For example, if you want to take MATH 100 (prerequisite to MATH 101), and MATH 100 is not offered at UBC during the term, an LoP may be considered
  • If you are on co-op work term and would like to take one or two courses towards your degree requirements. If you want to take two courses you would require permission from both a co-op coordinator and your employer

Requests for an LoP will be declined in the following instances:

    • If you have already received 60 transfer credits towards your degree
    • If the request is for a course to be used towards a Minor
    • If the course is offered at UBC, and you are in Vancouver
    • If you are registered for UBC courses at the same time you wish to take the course at another institute; students are not allowed to be registered at 2 institutes concurrently
    • Civil Engineering: CIVL students must take the Impact of Technology on Society elective at UBC. Requests for an LoP will be declined

Request a Letter of Permission (LoP)