Transfer Students: Years 2 & 3

Getting Started

As an engineering student, you will be registering using a Standard Timetable (STT). You will be required to register for an STT before adding individual courses.

General Registration

Create multiple worklists that include an STT appropriate to your year-level and program. Complete the worklist with additional courses that are not included in the STT but required in your year and program. Refer to Course Planning for your program requirements. STTs will fill up quickly and you will find it helpful to be prepared with multiple registration options in advance.

  • Admission into Year 2 or above does not exempt you from lower level requirements. If you have not received transfer credits or an exemption, these deficiencies must be fulfilled to satisfy graduation requirements
  • Contact your Faculty Advisor if the STTs are full or if you require academic advising

Second-year placement will be determined in late June for most students with second-year eligibility and who have submitted a Second Year Program Preference form. You will be notified by email when you have received a program placement.

Once you have received a program placement you will register in the appropriate STT and other required courses as outlined in the general registration details above. If you have not received a placement but your registration has opened, you may be able to register in courses that are not built into the STT. Note: if you register for courses without registering for an STT you may have to adjust your registration to accommodate the STT once your placement is complete.

Follow the general registration details above.

Students entering from the Camosun Bridge Program or the joint UBC/UNBC Environmental Engineering Program will receive bulk transfer credits. It is recommended that you consult with your program and/or Contact Us to determine whether lower level deficiencies have been fulfilled.

Students who transfer into second or third year of Engineering at UBC may need to obtain credit for the course(s) APSC 100 and/or APSC 101, which are part of the first year Engineering curriculum. To find out more information about how to satisfy these requirements, please visit the APSC 100/101 Course Equivalencies page.