Authorized Leave Letter for International Students

UBC students in good academic standing can take up to a year away from studies without having to reapply for admission.  If you want to prove to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you were on authorized leave, you must request the leave and obtain a letter from UBC confirming that you are authorized for the leave.


  • Be an international student
  • Have attended UBC in a previous session (or in a previous term if this is your first year in the program)
  • Be registered or eligible to register in the upcoming Winter Session
  • Dropped the courses for the term(s) for which you are requesting an authorized leave
  • Make the request before the last date to withdraw from courses

To request leave and the letter, please complete the form below and EAS will review your request.  You can expect to receive a response in 5-7 business days.  If you have questions about how taking an authorized leave may impact your future course planning, we encourage you to first speak with your Program Advisor before requesting an authorized leave.  

Note: Authorized leave letter became available to eligible UBC students in 2021 Winter Session onward. You have until August 31st of each year to submit a request for the authorized leave letter for a leave you took during the previous winter session. If you have missed the August 31st deadline, please contact EAS if you would like to request a leave.