Transfer Student Registration

This information is for students transferring to UBC Engineering via our various pathways: post-secondary transfer, engineering transfer program, or UBC internal transfer.

Depending on how you transfer to UBC and your assigned year level, you will have different registration instructions. We also encourage transfer students to book an Academic Advising appointment with an EAS Transfer Credit Advisor to review your transfer credits and course plan.   

To learn more about your transfer credits and how to apply the credits to the UBC BASc program, please check the Transfer Credits page.

First Year Engineering Program Credit Equivalency Chart

First Year CoursesEquivalent Transfer CreditsNotes
APSC 100APSC 100
APSC 101APSC 101Exempt for transfer students if entering with CHEM 121 (CHEM 120 and CHEM 115) + CHEM 123 (CHEM 130 and CHEM 135) or CHEM 111 + 113 from post-secondary institutions.

Not exempt for advanced credits from AP, IB or A-Level.

Not exempt for students entering Biomedical Engineering (BMEG). Please consult the Year Two Transfer: BMEG for more information.
APSC 160APSC 160
CHEM 154CHEM 121 + 123
CHEM 120 + 115 + 130 + 135
CHEM 111 + 113
CHEM 141 + 123
CHEM 154 will not satisfy the first year chemistry requirements for students entering Biomedical Engineering (BMEG). Students pursing BMEG program must take CHEM 121 and 123.
MATH 100MATH 100, 102, 104, 120, 180, or 184
MATH 101MATH 101, 103, 105, or 121
MATH 152MATH 152, 221, or 223
PHYS 157/158/159
PHYS 117 + 118 + 119
PHYS 106/107 + 108 + 109
PHYS 131 + 118 + 119
Please consult the Year Two Transfer: BMEG if you enter BMEG program and you are deficient in PHYS 159.
PHYS 170PHYS 170
WRDS 150BENGL 1st, 100, 110, 111, or 112
WRCM 1st
Humanities ElectiveRefer to Humanities and Social Sciences for course eligibility

Transferring into Year 1 

If you are transferring to the BASc program with less than 27 transfer credits, which are applicable towards the first-year engineering program, you will transfer into Year 1 Engineering. As a first-year engineering student, you will be registered for your core courses which aren’t covered by your transfer credits. As a first-year engineering student you will need to self-register in a 3 credit Humanities and Social Science elective, and/or a 3 credit English/Communication course (WRDS 150B or equivalent, ENGL 100, 110, or 111), if you don’t have transfer credits which cover these requirements. Please refer to the First Year Registration page to see year 1 course requirements.

All engineering year 1 students must take a minimum of 24 credits in the Winter Session (September-April) to be considered competitive for Second Year Placement. If needed, we recommend adding common upper year or complementary studies courses to ensure you complete a minimum of 24 credits. As many of these courses are restricted to second year timetables, please consult the Continuing Year One page for information on how to register for these courses. For questions or registration issues, please contact EAS.

Transferring into Year 2 

If you are transferring to the BASc program with 27 credits or more which are applicable towards the first-year engineering program, you will be eligible for Year 2 Engineering.  

Note: Admission into Year 2 or above does not exempt you from lower-level course requirements. If you have not received transfer credits or an exemption, these deficiencies must be fulfilled to satisfy graduation requirements. 

Year 2 Transfer: Registration

Students who are admitted to Year 2 BASc program will go through Second Year Placement after accepting their offer. Transfer students should fill in the Second Year Placement Form once admitted. If the placement form has closed before your admission is offered, EAS will provide you with a late placement form via email. You will be notified by email when you have received a program placement. 

Once you have received your program placement you will be able to register in the appropriate courses as outlined on the Upper Year Registration page.

Year 2 Transfer: Biomedical Engineering

Before entering the second year of the Biomedical Engineering (BMEG) program, it is strongly advisable to complete all courses in the first year engineering program, otherwise, it may delay your progression through the degree, as you will be missing prerequisites. 

If you are missing any of the following courses when you enter BMEG program, you will need to replace the course with a BMEG equivalent course: 

Missing CourseBMEG EquivalentNotes
APSC 100-Students will take an APSC 100 equivalent course. Please refer to APSC 100/101 Course Equivalencies below.
APSC 101BMEG 200 + BMEG 101BMEG 200 will be taken in the summer session.
BMEG 101 will be taken in the Winter Session.
PHYS 159BMEG 102Taken in the Winter Session
APSC 101 AND PHYS 159BMEG 101 + BMEG 102Taken in the Winter Session

APSC 100/101 Course Replacement

If you are transferring into Year 2 BASc program with a deficiency in APSC 100 and/or APSC 101, you will need to take alternative courses to fulfill the requirements. Year 2 transfer students do not take APSC 100 and/or APSC 101, as they are introductory engineering courses.

To find out more information about how to satisfy these requirements, please visit the page linked below.

Transferring into Year 3

If you are transferring from the Camosun Engineering Bridge Program or the joint UBC-UNBC Environmental Engineering Program, you will enter Year 3 and receive bulk transfer credits. It is recommended that you contact EAS Transfer Credit Advisor to determine whether lower-level course deficiencies have been fulfilled. 

We recommend you follow the general registration details on the Upper Year Registration page