Academic Leave

Considering an Academic Leave?

Undergraduate students may take an Academic Leave (time away from UBC studies) for up to one full year (12 months). Taking an Academic Leave may impact your financial assistance or awards, and there may be special considerations if you are an International Student.

Information about Academic Leaves can be found in the Academic Calendar and details about what to do if you need a break from your studies is on the Student Services website.

International students should contact an International Student Advisor prior to taking a leave.

If you have a student loan, we recommend consulting your Enrolment Services Advisor.

Questions about course planning for upper-year student (years 2 to 5) should be directed to your Faculty Advisor.

Taking an Academic Leave

Once you’ve consulted the appropriate departments and are ready to take an academic leave, please Contact Us with the following information for our records:

  • Approximate dates of your leave
  • A brief explanation of why you’re taking the leave

Returning from a Leave

The path to return to your studies varies based on the length of your absence, and if you have attended school elsewhere. Visit the Student Services website to learn more.