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Grades, exams, and academic standing are the largest concerns of most students. EAS is here to ensure you feel prepared for academic success, no matter your situation.

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Exams and Grades Information

Final Exams

The final exam period is at the end of each term – December for Winter Term 1, and April for Winter Term 2. Summer exams are in the last week of the Summer Terms.

Students are expected to be available for the entire examination period. Students are encouraged to not book travel plans within the exam period or to wait to make plans until the final exam schedule has been posted.

The exam schedule is posted in mid-October for Term 1, and mid-February for Term 2. The exam locations will be added to the exam schedule a few weeks before the start of the exam period. Summer exam schedules and locations are posted approximately three weeks prior to exams.

Final Grades

Final grades are released after the final date of the exam period.

If you are dissatisfied with your assigned grade standing, you can schedule a review of the marked examination by making a written request to the instructor; or discuss the matter informally with the instructor(s) of the course, when possible. Should the matter remain unresolved and you believe that some or all of the material contributing to the assigned standing has been incorrectly evaluated, you may apply for a Review of Assigned Standing.

Further information can be found on the Student Services Website: Grades


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