Steps for Readmission After a Failed Year are outlined in the Academic Calendar: Academic Regulations

From the Academic Calendar:

Students who have been required to withdraw because of a failed year must apply in order to be readmitted to the program. The earliest a student may be readmitted is 12 months after being required to withdraw due to a Failed Year. Readmission is not guaranteed.

All students seeking to return after a Failed Year must submit an application for readmission by the stated deadline. The earliest a student may be readmitted is one full year (12 months) following the requirement to withdraw.

Students Seeking Readmission

Students who have been out of the program for 12 months or more should submit their application for readmission through the Student Service Centre (SSC). The application for readmission deadline is mid-January. The appeal letter and supporting documentation are submitted directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at

Students who intend to seek readmission after a Failed Year are encouraged to consider using their time away in support of possible future studies:

  • If you are in first-year, completing 30 relevant credits at another university or college, e.g. those institutions offering an Engineering Transfer Program
  • Completing one year of relevant technical work if no additional coursework can be found
  • Some combination of relevant academic study and engineering related work experience which demonstrates high potential to have success in the program

Preparing Your Appeal

  • Clearly and concisely report any circumstances which negatively affected your academic performance
    • Identify supports that have been used to address the extenuating circumstances
  • Include a statement on the steps you have taken to be successful during the time away from the program and how you plan on maintaining success if you are permitted to return. Reference letters are required if you have been working
  • Provide relevant documentation in support of the grounds for your appeal

Supporting Documentation

There is no limit on the number of supporting documents you can submit, however they should be directly related to the circumstances and in support of your appeal. Examples of supporting documentation include medical notes, reference letters attesting to the nature of the technical work and performance review, etc.

The Faculty Academic Committee convenes during the summer to review appeals on academic standing.

Where there are discrepancies between what is stated on this page and the Academic Calendar, the information in the Academic Calendar is considered to be most accurate