Letter of Permission

In certain circumstances, UBC students may be permitted to study at an institution outside of UBC with a Letter of Permission (LOP). In order to have credits count towards your UBC degree, you must first be granted an LOP by your Faculty. However, LOPs are issued only in extenuating circumstances; typically, students are expected to complete all courses at UBC.

You need an LOP for:
• A course that you want to take at another institution that will count towards your UBC degree

You do not need an LOP for:
Go Global Exchange
Coordinated International Experience (CIE)
• UBC Okanagan – you will need to complete a Cross-Campus Registration form

• You need to be in good standing in your most recently completed Winter Session
• The course is offered at an accredited Canadian institution

• LOPs do not guarantee that the course will meet specific degree requirements
• An LOP does not guarantee admission to another institution; you need to meet all entry requirements as a visiting student at the host institution
• An LOP can be used only for the Term that it is granted. For example, if you have an LOP approved for Winter Session Term 1 and decide to take the course in Winter Session Term 2, you will need to reapply for a new LOP.
• If you are given an LOP to take a course elsewhere while still registered at UBC, you are considered to meet all UBC obligations first. For example, if you have an exam conflict at both institutions, you are expected to meet the UBC obligations first; academic concession will not be provided in these circumstances

LOPs are not granted in the following circumstances:
• The course is offered at UBC and there are seats available for a student to take the course
• The course requested is an elective either technical or humanities
• You have already transferred 60 credits into your degree (the maximum allowable transfer credits at UBC is 60)
• The course would be used to meet Minor requirements

LOPs may be considered in the following circumstances:

•If a course is not offered at UBC and it is needed as a prerequisite to another course. If the requested course is offered in the next session, the request is unlikely to be granted. For example, if a student fails PHYS 170 in the Winter Session and needs this course as a pre-requisite in the following term 1 Winter Session, an LoP would be considered in this case.

• If the UBC course is full and not taking it will delay degree progression

• If you are on a co-op work term and would like to take a course towards degree requirements and are unable to take it UBC

•Unique learning opportunities not offered by UBC

Process and Timelines:
• If you are considering a course at an institution in British Columbia, ensure that the course you want to take is transferrable to UBC by using the BC Transfer Guide
• To submit a request, complete the LOP Application form
• After your request has been evaluated, you will be notified via email with a decision related to your request; submission of a request does not guarantee approval

Course being takenApplication OpensDecision made by
Winter Session
Term 1 (September – December)
July 15 - 25August 1
Winter Session Term 2 (January – April) November 15 - 25December 1
Summer Session (May – August) March 15-25April 1
Summer Session* May 1-May 15May 18
*The May form opening is only for students who failed a 2022W Term 2 course and that course is currently offered in 2023S at UBC but the course registration is full