Registration Requests

Registration Support

Each unit/department/program/faculty has different ways to manage course registration. Please check the Engineering Course Contacts and Non-Engineering Course Contacts listed below about how to request registration changes.

Is the course full?
Register for a waitlist (if available)
No waitlist? Keep checking the course – other students may drop the course, so seats may become available. Registration is open until the Add/Drop Deadline

Engineering Course Contacts

APSC Courses

Register for the waitlist if it is available. You will be registered if space becomes available.

You may be able to switch sections on the SSC using the “switch” function. When trying to switch sections, do not use the “drop” function, as it will remove you from the section in which you are registered. If the section you want to switch into has seats available, you may be able to switch on the SSC.

If you are unable to switch on the SSC, you can request a section switch under exceptional circumstances. Please see the Registration FAQ for more information about section switches.

Engineering Departmental Courses and Program STTs

Contact the department/program responsible for the course or STT. Please visit their website to determine how to submit a request or inquiry.

ProgramUBC CampusLocationContact Information
Biomedical EngineeringVancouverBiomedical Research Centre 257BMEG Contact Form
Chemical EngineeringVancouverCHBE 218
Faculty Advisor
Chemical and Biological EngineeringVancouverCHBE
Faculty Advisor
Civil EngineeringVancouverCEME
Faculty Advisor
Computer EngineeringVancouverKAIS
Faculty Advisor
Electrical EngineeringVancouverKAIS
Faculty Advisor
Engineering PhysicsVancouverHENN
Faculty Advisor
Environmental EngineeringVancouverCHBE
Faculty Advisor
Geological EngineeringVancouverESB
Faculty Advisor
Integrated EngineeringVancouverFORW
Faculty Advisor
Manufacturing Engineering (Production Technology)VancouverFORW
Faculty Advisor
Materials EngineeringVancouverFORW
Faculty Advisor
Mechanical EngineeringVancouverCEME
Faculty Advisor
Mining EngineeringVancouverFORW 513/
Faculty Advisor

Non-Engineering Course Contacts

Faculty or DepartmentLocationContact InformationComments
Arts AdvisingBuchanan D111
1866 Mail Mall
Arts Studies in Research and Writing
(WRDS 150)
1961 East Mall, Room 379
wrds.advisor@ubc.caFAQ for non-Arts Students
Chemistry DepartmentRoom D223
2036 Main Mall
Registration Inquiry FormVisit the Chemistry Advising website to learn more about submitting inquiries and requests.

For CHEM 121 and 123 registration you will require APSC faculty approval. Please book an appointment with an ESS Academic Advisor if you are seeking approval.
English DepartmentRoom 397
1873 East Mall, Buchanan Tower
Math DepartmentRoom 121
1984 Mathematics Road
Math Contact Form
Visit the Math website to learn more about submitting inquiries and requests. Section switches are only available under exceptional circumstances; review the math website to determine if your reason is considered exceptional prior to submitting a request.

Inquiries should include:
- Your Name and Student Number
- Indicate you are an engineering student and if the course is required for your degree
- Indicate which course section(s) fit with your current STT
Physics DepartmentHennings - Room 325
6224 Agricultural Road
The Physics Department uses an online form for section switch requests
Science AdvisingRoom A150
6221 University Boulevard

Special Registration Requests

Section Switch Request

For detailed information about how to switch sections yourself, please refer to the Registration FAQ.

If you are unable to switch sections yourself, please submit the Section Switch form. Be aware that students are usually not permitted to switch sections unless they have extenuating circumstances. Please note that not all section switch requests will be accommodated. Do not drop a course section to attempt to register in a different section. If you drop a course, you will be unable to register into it again. Students will need to register on a waitlist in this situation, and are not guaranteed a seat in the course.

Valid reasons for a section switch request:

  • Varsity athletic commitments – You are on a UBC Varsity athletic team and your timetable conflicts with practice times (please include your Varsity sport when contacting EAS)
  • Medical commitments – regularly scheduled medical commitments (appointments, etc.)
  • Extenuating circumstances
  • In rare circumstances, highly unbalanced timetables may be a valid reason for a section switch

Invalid reasons for a section switch request:

  • Instructor preferences
  • Wanting to be in the same section as a friend
  • Time of day preferences

Registration After Add/Drop Deadline or Auditing Courses

If online registration has closed or if you are auditing a course use the Change of Registration Form.

Please allow up to 7-10 business days to process.

Course Conflicts

Course conflicts are discouraged. First year students are not permitted to register in course conflicts. Most faculties and schools normally do not permit course conflicts (e.g. Faculties of Commerce and Science).

A course conflict request will be considered if all instructors/coordinators approve. Fill out the course conflict registration form with an explanation of how you will make up for the missed material and the approval signature from the instructors/coordinators.* You must discuss your plan with all instructors involved in the conflict and, if they approve, they sign the form.

After the Add/Drop period, you will need to have the approval of your academic advisor as well.

Please allow up to 7-10 business days to process.


  • ENPH 459: Students are permitted to register in a conflict with MECH 280 with only the MECH 280 instructor approval signature. All other conflicts will require both approval signatures.
  • ENPH 479: Students are permitted to register with a conflict. Only the approval signature of the other course instructor is required.
  • IGEN 330/L0A (lab conflict only): Students are permitted to register with a conflict. Only the approval signature of the other course instructor is required. A conflict with the lecture will require the approval signature from both instructors.
  • APSC 278: Students are permitted to register with ENPH 479 conflict without the approval signature of either course instructor.

Credit Limit Increase

BASc students have a 42-credit limit (Year 1) or a 50-credit limit (Upper Years) in the Winter session, and a 12-credit limit in the Summer session. If you would like to take additional credits beyond this limit, you will need to submit a request through the form below. More information about considerations and eligibility can be found on the form.

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students must complete the Enrolment of Undergraduate Student in Graduate Course Form if they wish to take a graduate course. Forms must be complete and signed when submitted.

Taking Courses at UBCO

For requests to register in courses at UBCO use the Cross Campus Registration Request Form. Forms must be complete and signed with submitted.