All engineering students use a Standard Timetable (STT) to register for their core courses. You are registering for both term 1 and term 2 of the Winter Session.

What is a Standard Timetable (STT)?

An STT is a pre-planned timetable which incorporates most of the courses required for a program. You will be required to register for an STT before adding individual courses

UBC will email you about two weeks before the start of registration notifying you that your registration date and time are available to view on the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Registration instructions:

Common Questions

Register in a waitlist of the course that you want, if it is available. The course department will monitor the waitlist and will register you if a seat becomes available.

Continue to monitor the course seats. Registration is on-going and space may become available.

Visit the department website for any further registration details.

First, please confirm the STT you are testing is the right STT for you. If you still receive an error message Contact Us for assistance.

Check the Add/Drop deadline.

Dropping below 60% of a normal program course load may affect your student loan, awards, scholarships, visa status, or housing eligibility. After the add/drop deadline, you can still drop courses and receive a “W” (withdrawal) on your transcript. There are deadlines to withdraw from a course without receiving a failing grade.

Do Not Try Switching Sections/Labs/Tutorials
If you drop the course/lab/tutorial, you will not be able to pick it up/add it again. Only drop a course if you know you will not have to take the course.

No. The seats are assigned to the STT.


  • Pre-plan your registration with Worklists, then use the Register Selected or Register All to complete your registration when your registration is open. Worklists do not secure your registration
  • Don’t forget you can drop courses from your STT if you have received credit or an exemption for the course. You have until the course drop deadline to drop courses without a Withdrawal (‘W’) standing on your academic record
  • Check the prerequisites and corequisites listed in your course descriptions. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the course requirements
  • Disregard the individual courses status in the STT, the STT is available if it is not full