2nd Year Placement

2nd Year Placement is the process by which first-year engineering students are placed in discipline-specific engineering programs for the remainder of their BASc degree. Program rankings will take into consideration a student’s Winter (Term 1 & Term 2) session average and personal statement. Some programs may require additional materials or interviews from applicants, this is at the discretion of the program.

Mid-March to May 22nd
2nd Year Program Preference form is available, student rankings of programs are submitted

Late June
Students are notified of their placement by email prior to the start of second-year registration

July 1st to July 15th
Reconsideration of 2nd Year Placement Form is available. Forms must be submitted by July 15th

Late August
Students are notified of Request for Reconsideration outcome by email

Students transferring into UBC Engineering admitted after mid-June will be placed on a rolling basis.

Eligibility Criteria - All Students

All students who have completed at least 27 credits of the BASc first-year curriculum by April 30th, and have a sessional average of 55% or higher from the Winter Session will be placed in a discipline-specific engineering program. Program placement is a competitive process; placement in your first-choice program is not guaranteed.

Courses taken in the Summer Session will not be considered in the 2nd year placement process

Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria by the end of the Winter Session will likely remain in Year 1 and should refer to Academic Standing for further information. Students who are not eligible for 2nd Year Placement are strongly encouraged to meet with an ESS Academic Advisor for help with course planning.

Pre-Biomedical Engineering (PBME) Pathway

Students registered in the PBME Pathway are not guarantee placement in the BME program. All BASc students must complete the 2nd Year Placement Form. However, if you are a registered PBME student and meet the PBME requirements for progression you will be eligible for priority placement.

Once priority placement for BME has been completed all remaining seats in the program will be filled through the regular competitive 2nd Year Placement process.

Registered PBME students are eligible for placement in any second-year program provided they meet the general 2nd Year Placement eligibility criteria. However, students leaving the PBME pathway and seeking 2nd Year Placement in a non-BME program must complete both CHEM 121 and CHEM 123 to be exempt from CHEM 154, or complete CHEM 154 at a later date for degree completion.

Explore - Departments and Programs

Explore your options by visiting Open Houses, reading through the Department and Program websites, and doing some research on your own. Current first-year students can access the second-year placement video through the APSC 100 and 101 Canvas modules using their CWL login.

Here are additional resources to get you started:

The Career Action Program
The Career Action Program through Engineers Canada has a wealth of information for students to learn more about the engineering profession. This resource provides information on what it means to be an engineer, a complete overview of the fields of engineering, a list of accredited institutions, and a detailed guide to licensure. In addition, it has an optional, fee-for-service ($160) assessment with a series of questions designed to test your aptitude for the engineering field.

Career Cornerstone
Information about the field of engineering, career options, employment, earnings, etc. (this is a US-based site, but should give you a good idea about your options).

Educating Engineers.com
Descriptions of programs of study, career options and aptitude needed for each field.

A website dedicated to discovering careers and other options within the field of Engineering.

Career Cruising (Username: ubc | Password: careers)
Career Cruising provides detailed career profiles. Students can search job descriptions, job titles, and see a “day in the life of” typical employees, at junior, intermediate, and senior job levels. Education, training, duties, salary ranges and benefits are also described.

O*net describes the tasks, skills, and knowledge required for this professional. Related occupations, related job titles, and categories for professions are described. No login or membership is needed. Content provided is American.

  1. Student preference forms are not processed on a first-come, first served basis. Submitting a preference form earlier than the deadline will not give you a higher priority in receiving a placement in your first choice programs.
  2. We strongly recommend that you rank all UBC Vancouver engineering programs on your preference form.  Be thoughtful and intentional when ranking your preferences.  If you make a submission with only a limited number of program preferences, and you are not competitive to be placed into any of the indicated preferences, your application will be put aside to be reviewed after the placements have been finalized for all other students. A lack of rankings may also be interpreted as a lack of interest to remain in the BASc program should your preferences not be successful.
  3. If you are a UBC Vancouver student and you rank and are subsequently placed in a UBC Okanagan program, the placement is final. UBC Vancouver students should only rank UBC Okanagan programs with the understanding that if they are placed in a UBC Okanagan program they will be required to relocate to Kelowna for the remainder of their degree. Do not rank UBC Okanagan programs if you have no intention of possibly relocating.
  4. If you have standing deferred exams from the Winter Session scheduled to be written during the summer it is likely your 2nd year placement notification will be delayed pending the outcome of your standing deferred exam(s). Presuming you are eligible for placement, you can anticipate notification in late August once all of your final grades for the winter session have been submitted.
  5. Late applications will not be accepted, be sure to submit your ranking on time!

You can change your submission any time until the application deadline by logging into the 2nd Year Program Preference Form to make a new submission. Your application will be assessed on your most current submission

The following programs have additional requirements, considerations, and deadlines:

Civil Engineering
A communications skills module, commencing two weeks prior to the start of the winter session, may be mandatory for some students (see CIVL 201 Requirements)

Electrical Engineering
Biomedical Option: an application – in addition to the placement form – is required for this option. Please check here for information and here for the application.

Engineering Physics
In addition to the placement form, all shortlisted applicants are required to meet with the selection committee in person (video or teleconference may be permitted).

Environmental Engineering
The joint UNBC/UBC program is a 2nd-year placement option which also requires you to apply as a transfer student to UNBC. If you miss the UNBC deadline, please contact UNBC and Engineering Student Services as soon as possible. If you are interested in this option, please review this information. For questions, please email info@enve.ubc.ca or call 604-827-3415. Note: students accepted into this option will be required to relocate to Prince George, BC for at least 2 years.

Mechanical Engineering
All Options: if you are seeking early admission for any of the options, an additional application is required. Please check here for Option information (application form).

While space in most Engineering programs is extremely limited, students who wish to appeal their second-year placement may do so using the Reconsideration of 2nd Year Placement Form. The form is due July 17th midnight.

Requests for reconsideration should include new and relevant information for the Faculty to consider, beyond what was provided in your original Second Year Placement form. You may only submit an appeal to be considered for one program. You will receive an email notifying you of the outcome of your request in late August.

If you submit a request and it is successful you will be automatically dropped from your current program’s STT and placed in the program you have requested. You will need to register yourself in your new program once you have been notified.

At the time of enrolment you should register with the assumption that you will continue in your current program. You will be able to make changes to your schedule until the Add/Drop deadline in the event that your request is successful.