Upper Year Registration

If you are a student in Second Year or above, you can find more registration information and support from your program office and Program Advisor. This includes information on course planning, registration, and degree requirements.

Upper Year Course Planning

Each of the Engineering programs has its own website which has more information about the academic requirements for year 2 and above. We also recommend referring to the UBC Calendar for details on your degree requirements. If you have questions about your program requirements or upper year course planning, please contact your program advisor. Refer to the chart below for more information.

APSC 100/101 Course Replacement

If you are an upper year UBC Engineering student who is deficient in APSC 100 and/or 101, you will need to take replacement courses to fulfill the requirement. Upper year students do not take APSC 100 and 101, as they are Introductory Engineering courses.

To find out more information about how to satisfy these requirements, please visit the page linked below.

Upper Year Registration

The majority of upper year students will register in a Standard Timetable (STT) which will contain most of the required courses for your program and year level. You may need to register for some additional courses, such as MATH and STAT courses, technical electives, and/or humanities, which are generally not included in the upper year STTs. 

Finding your STT

You can find the STTs on the Course Schedule > Browse > Standard Timetables > BASC. From here, you can navigate to the appropriate program and year level.

Non-STT Registration

Some students will not register in an STT, and instead register course-by-course. These students are:

  • Year 4 Biomedical Engineering students
  • Year 3 and Year 4 Computer Engineering students
  • Year 4 Electrical Engineering students
  • Students whose year level was not promoted from the last academic session
  • Students who have not fulfilled the Communication Requirement

If you need help with non-STT registration, please contact your program office.


  • You will have to register for an STT before you will be able to add individual courses in most cases.
  • Some programs will list the courses that need to be registered individually in the top description of the STT on the Course Schedule. However, students should check the Calendar and/or their program website to ensure they have all the courses they need.
  • Create multiple worklists that include an STT appropriate to your year level and program. Complete the worklist with additional courses that are not included in the STT but are required in your year and program.
  • Contact your program office if the STTs are full or you encounter any registration issues