Post Secondary Transfer Credit

If your courses have a currently assessed transfer agreement with UBC, you may be able to find their transfer agreement on the BC Transfer Guide and/or UBC Transfer Credit Search Tool. If your courses do not appear on either of these tools, a request for evaluation of transfer credits will only be assessed if you have been admitted and have accepted UBC’s offer of admission. 

First Year Equivalent Transfer Credit

When your post-secondary courses are evaluated for transfer credits, you may be assigned UBC course equivalencies that satisfy BASc 1st year requirements. Please refer to the chart below for details.

First Year CoursesEquivalent Transfer CreditsNotes
APSC 100APSC 100
APSC 101APSC 101Exempt for transfer students if entering with CHEM 121 (CHEM 120 and CHEM 115) + CHEM 123 (CHEM 130 and CHEM 135) or CHEM 111 + 113 from post-secondary institutions.

Not exempt for advanced credits from AP, IB or A-Level.

Not exempt for students entering Biomedical Engineering (BMEG). Please consult the Year Two Transfer: BMEG for more information.
APSC 160APSC 160
CHEM 154CHEM 121 + 123
CHEM 120 + 115 + 130 + 135
CHEM 111 + 113
CHEM 141 + 123
CHEM 154 will not satisfy the first year chemistry requirements for students entering Biomedical Engineering (BMEG). Students pursing BMEG program must take CHEM 121 and 123.
MATH 100MATH 100, 102, 104, 120, 180, or 184
MATH 101MATH 101, 103, 105, or 121
MATH 152MATH 152, 221, or 223
PHYS 157/158/159
PHYS 117 + 118 + 119
PHYS 106/107 + 108 + 109
PHYS 131 + 118 + 119
Please consult the Year Two Transfer: BMEG if you enter BMEG program and you are deficient in PHYS 159.
PHYS 170PHYS 170
WRDS 150BENGL 1st, 100, 110, 111, or 112
WRCM 1st
Humanities ElectiveRefer to Humanities and Social Sciences for course eligibility

Post Secondary Transfer Options

Engineering Transfer Program

If you have successfully completed the full Engineering Transfer Program at one of our partner institutions, you have fulfilled our first-year requirements.

Technology Diploma

Transfer credits are not awarded towards the first-year engineering program from a Technology Diploma. Students who have completed an applicable Technology Diploma may consider applying for the Camosun Engineering Bridge Program.

Camosun Engineering Bridge Program

If you have successfully completed the Camosun Engineering Bridge Program, you will enter directly into third year in Civil, Mechanical, or Mining Engineering. No transfer credits will be displayed on your record. Please refer to the correspondence you have received which outlines any deficiencies from the first or second-year program that may need to be completed.

CEGEP Pre-University Program

Students from a Collège d’enseignement général et professionel (CEGEP) must have at least one full year of study in a pre-university diploma program. Transfer credit for up to 30 credits may be applied towards a UBC degree for students who have completed a Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC) program. Admitted applicants who have not completed a DEC will be considered for transfer credit on a case-by-case basis.

If you have received general transfer credits (i.e. APSC 1st, MATH 2nd), you can request an assessment to determine if these credits can be applied to your degree requirements via the Request for Assessment of Transfer Credits form. 

Prior Degree Holder

Transfer credits will NOT appear on your academic record if you hold a non-UBC degree prior to commencing your engineering program. If you think you may have credits from your previous degree, which can be transferred to your UBC engineering degree but are not listed on Transfer Guide and/or UBC Transfer Credit Search Tool, please submit a Request for Assessment of Transfer Credits form.

Request for Assessment of Transfer Credit

For a request for assessment of transfer credits, please complete the form below. Use the UBC Academic Calendar to check your program requirements and view the Course Descriptions to see if there is a high level of overlap in content between what you have studied previously and the UBC course. 

A transfer credit assessment request can take between 6 – 8 weeks to complete from the time you submitted the request, to when you are notified of the outcome. In the meantime, you will need to register for the courses you have requested transfer credits, in case the assessment is not successful. You will have until the course drop deadline to modify your registration.