High School Students: Year 1

Getting Started

As a first-year engineering student, you will be registering using a Standard Timetable (STT). See Course Planning for further details about the Engineering First Year Standard Timetable.

General Registration

Create multiple worklists that include your preferred STTs,  a 3 credit Humanities and Social Science elective, and a 3 credit English/Communication course. STTs will fill up quickly and you will find it helpful to be prepared with multiple registration options in advance.

STTs are coded with prefixes to help you easily identify which STTs are appropriate for you based on your previous academic experience. If your STT is full, register in the corresponding transitory STT. This table summarizes the coding applicable for most high school student registering in a first-year STT:

STT PrefixTransitory STTAcademic Experience
(MATH 100)
HSAR> or = 90% on Pre-CALC 12 or equivalent OR completed CALC 12 or equivalent
(MATH 180)
HTAR< 90% on Pre-CALC 12 or equivalent and no calculus background
(MATH 120 and 121)
HZAR> or = 95% on Pre-CALC 12 or equivalent or permission from the Math Department
HPEntering with a deficiency in PHYS 12 or equivalent. You will complete PHYS 100 in Term 1, PHYS 157 and 159 in Term 2, and PHYS 118 the following Summer Session
PMPMARRestricted to students accepted into the Pre-Med Alternative Path
PBME**PBARRestricted to students accepted into the Pre-Biomedical Engineering Path

Students registering in a PBME STT have the option to complete the first year English/Communication requirement in the Winter Session or the following Summer Session. The Humanities and Social Science elective is completed in an upper year of the program. Refer to the Academic Calendar for your program requirements.
*AP and IB students, refer to the score equivalency to a percentage scale in the Academic Calendar

** Students who have not been given permission to register in a PBME STT, but register in a PBME STT, will be automatically dropped without notification

Reminder: Don't forget to add a 3 credit Humanities and Social Science elective, and a 3 credit English/Communication course.

  • One course totaling 3 credits of a humanities and social science course. This is a non-scientific and non-technical course that is generally found in the Faculty of Arts. It is recommended that you select a 100-level course. If you are intending to pursue a minor in your third year, consider ECON 101 for the Minor in Commerce or Entrepreneurship or a 100-level pre-requisite to the Minor in Arts or Science. Please review the Humanities and Social Sciences list for exclusions.
  • One of ENGL 110, 111, 112 or WRDS 150 to satisfy the first-year English/Communication requirement

  • If you are completing AP, IB or A Levels, do not drop courses from your STT until UBC has confirmed which credits you will receive. You have until the course drop deadline to drop courses without a Withdrawal ('W') standing on your academic record. It is recommended that you complete the first-year UBC Chemistry, Math and Physics courses in the Engineering First Year STT
  • ENGL 1st (3) will satisfy the first-year English/Communication requirement
  • ENGL 1st (6) will satisfy the first-year English/Communication and 3 credits of humanities and social science requirements
  • Only 3 credits of language courses may be applied towards the humanities and social sciences requirement, for details, please see Complementary Studies

IMPORTANT: ECON 1st does not satisfy the pre-requisite for courses which require ECON 101 or ECON 102

Pre-Biomedical Engineering (PBME) Pathway

If you want to change your STT after June 20th you will need to contact undergrad@bme.ubc.ca

Varsity Students

Register in the STT that is appropriate to you, and that fits with most of your practice and game schedules. If you need help making changes to your schedule, Contact Us with a copy of your training and game schedule and a list of changes you are requesting. Please be sure to include the course and section number(s).