Returning Students: Years 2-5

Getting Started

Most engineering students will register using a Standard Timetable (STT). You will register for an STT before adding individual courses. The STT will contain most of the required courses for your program and year level. Math, stats, technical electives, and humanities are generally not included in the STT. Refer to the Calendar* for your program requirements.

Some students will not register in a STT, but instead, will register course-by-course. These students are:

  • Third and fourth year computer engineering or fourth year electrical engineering
  • Students whose year level was not promoted from the last academic session
  • Students who have not fulfilled the Communication Requirement

*The BASC degree requirements are drawn from four consecutive Calendars. For example, if you had entered the second year of your specialization in 2019, the 2019/2020 Calendar contain your second year requirements; 2020/2021 Calendar for the third year requirements; 2021/2022 Calendar for the fourth year requirements. The first-year requirements are in the 2018/2019 Calendar. Archived Calendars.

General Registration

Create multiple worklists that include an STT appropriate to your year-level and program. Complete the worklist with additional courses that are not included in the STT but required in your year and program.

Contact your program office if the STTs are full or if you require program advising.

Students who are registering course-by-course should complete deficiencies in the program and may add other courses in the next year level if pre-requisites are met.