Transfer Students: Year 1

Getting Started

This information is for students entering first-year engineering from a post-secondary institution and have received less than 27 transfer credits applicable towards the UBC first-year engineering program

As a first-year engineering student, you will be registering using a Standard Timetable (STT). You will be completing the remainder of the first-year requirements and some upper-level requirements that are common to all programs. Refer to the Typical Transfer Program Following First-Year Science in the Academic Calendar for guidance.

General Registration

A STT is coded with a prefix to help you easily identify which STT is appropriate based on your previous academic experience.

Transfer students entering first-year engineering with a year of chemistry, math and physics transfer credits will typically register in a STT with the prefix ‘ST’ First Year Engineering (Science Transfer Group) and will build upon the timetable with other courses to complete the first-year requirements and other general requirements in an upper year (e.g. MATH, STAT).

Students who are transferring with fewer transfer credits applicable to the first-year program will typically register in a STT with a prefix and STT description designated for First Year Engineering (High School Group).

Create multiple worklists that include a ‘ST’ Standard Timetable (STT) and build upon the timetable by adding courses to complete the remainder of the first year requirements and other common requirements up to 30 credits in the Winter Session. Try and balance the credit load between term 1 and term 2.

The following table outlines the first-year engineering requirements. If you have been awarded transfer credits, you may be exempt from some courses.

First-Year EngineeringEquivalent Transfer Credit
APSC 100Included in STT
APSC 101Exempt if entering with CHEM 121 (CHEM 120 and CHEM 115) + CHEM 123 (CHEM 130 and CHEM 135) or CHEM 111 + 113, except for Biomedical Engineering (BMEG) Program. Please consult the Year Two Transfer: BMEG for more information.
APSC 160APSC 160
CHEM 154**CHEM 121 (CHEM 120 and CHEM 115) + CHEM 123 (CHEM 130 and CHEM 135) or CHEM 111 + 113
MATH 100MATH 100, 102, 104, 120, 180 or 184
MATH 101MATH 101, 103, 105 or 121
MATH 152MATH 221 or 223
PHYS 157, 158, & 159*PHYS 117 + 118 +119
PHYS 106/107 + 108 + 109
PHYS 131 + 118 + 119
PHYS 101 + 102 (effective 2021W, only transfer credits)

*Please consult the Year Two Transfer: BMEG if you are deficient in PHYS 159.

PHYS 170Included in STT
WRDS 150ENGL 1st, 100, 110, 111, 112 or WRCM 1st (3 credits)
Humanities and Social Science ElectiveSee Complementary Studies for details, and Humanities and Social Sciences Electives for course eligibility.
Students who successfully completed UBC Science One Program will typically receive an exemption towards CHEM 154**, MATH 100 and 101, and PHYS 157, 158 and 159.

**CHEM 154 will not satisfy the first year chemistry requirements for students entering the Bio-medical Engineering program.

Other requirements that could be completed in the first year include second-year Math courses, STAT 251, and Complementary Studies. Refer to the Academic Calendar for program specific requirements.

If you are intending to pursue a minor in third-year, consider ECON 101 for the Minor in Commerce or Entrepreneurship or a 100-level pre-requisite to the Minor in Arts or Science

IMPORTANT: ECON 1st does not satisfy the prerequisite for courses which require ECON 101 or ECON 102

Courses not available to first-year engineering students include APSC 201 and program-specific courses (i.e. CHBE, IGEN, MECH, etc.)